Restoring the Altars of The Lord


The CONVERGENCE has begun!!!! - Kingdom Ministry Assignments merges with and emerges from the Marketplace and It's time to INVADE BABYLON THROUGH INTERCESSION

The Endtime Emerging church is RECLAIMING the 7 MOUNTAINS of INFLUENCE through Breaking the back of a BABYLONIAN GOVERNMENTAL SYSTEM and CULTURE, Rebu   ilding the WALLS of INTERCESSION in the in church and RESTORING the ALTARS of the LORD In the LAND. 

THE GIDEON COMPANY is a Training and Equipping HUB for INTERCESSORS to carry out the MISSION of the KINGDOM of GOD through STRATEGIC SPIRITUAL WARFARE. We are Building MILITARY BASES in the local church, Prayer Hubs and Centers in City, States, Regions and the Nation, OVERTHROWING the PLANS of the Enemy in the ENDTIME being the LIGHT of the WORLD and SALT of the EARTH!


The enemy has declared WAR on our NATION, CULTRURE and the CHURCH. TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS is fallen to the streets and CORRUPTION has overtaken the Land  "and judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter." Is 59:14.  The ARMY of THE LORD  must NOW assume It's POSITION and PLACEMENT in NATIONS, turning the WORLD UPSIDE DOWN ....AGAIN -Acts 17


Our Families Matter and Our Children Shall be the Crown of Their Parents!!

FAMILIES are the "Building Block" of our Nation yet We have witnessed the EROSION of traditional FAMILY VALUES.  Our families are under attack with the disruption of the traditional gender roles in the marital union, Broken homes, Divorces, pornography etc. In our nation we see the RIGHTS OF PARENTS are being removed through gender laws and policy, CPS and FAMILY COURT CORRUPTION that takes away the rights of parents through ROGUE JUDGES and rulings, CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING is prevalent around us, we are a nation seeking to  normalize PEDOPHILIA, children are stolen to be handed over to be ABUSED and TRAUMATIZED for ADRENOCHROME, satanic ritual abuse and CHILD PROSTITUTION and the DESTRUCTION of the INNOCENT as their innocence is being sacrificed on the altar of Molech. It's TIME to take back our Nation and RESTORE the Strength of the FAMILY. Strong Families is a precursor to A STRONG COMMUNITY and A STRONG NATION..


Our Banks, Businesses and Currency shall not Fail!!!

The ECONOMY shapes the Financial Future of a Nation. Goods and Services, buying and selling, small and big business and entrepreneurship are the tributaries that flows into the making of a HEALTHY ECONOMY and the sustainability of its currency. The MARKETS and ECONOMIC System have often been threatened by LUST for POWER, GREED and CORRUPTION.  The church MUST begin to Steward it's Prophetic Mantle in the marketplace, embrace its RESPONSIBILTY and begin to NAVIGATE it's purpose in the Marketplace. We MUST lead through examples of INTEGRITY, ETHICAL CONDUCT and HONESTY being LIGHT and SALT and also Facilitators of the WEALTH Transfer into KINGDOM ENDEAVORS!! For the Lord thy God blesseth thee, as He Promised thee and Thou shall lend unto Nations- Deuteronomy 15:6   


The Culture of the kingdom of God Shall Penetrate the Culture Our Nation!!!

The VALUES and STANDARDS of a Nation is shaped by It's CULTURE which are the influence of ART, MUSIC, FILM MAKING, TELEVISION, SOCIAL MEDIA and the PERFORMING ARTS. All these Yields a STRONG INFLUENCE on our YOUTH.  The body of Christ is in need of POWERFUL and  RIGHTEOUS men and women who are NOT AFRAID to take their GOD-GIVEN TALENT into the SPHERES of INFLUENCE. The Church MUST be a People READY to further HIS KINGDOM PURPOSES, while IMPACTING those who are LOST IN DARKNESS and would not otherwise be interested in the GOSPEL message through the traditional channels of the church. The MESSAGE of the KINGDOM must be what preserves CULTURE for FUTURE Generations to come. 


Our Schools will be free from the Indoctrination of Liberal Ideologies and a failing Educational System!!! 

In 1962 PRAYER was removed from our schools and since them there has been a movement to remove IN GOD WE TRUST from many edifices. Some of the consequences of the REMOVAL of PRAYER in schools, is the many SCHOOL VIOLENCE and SCHOOL SHOOTINGS we have witnessed over the years. With the removal of PRAYER many contrary ideologies have crept into our school curriculum. Today many schools have BANNED BIBLE STUDY but allowed the SATANIC TEMPLE to be part of the afterschool program. Our SCHOOL CURRICULUM is under attack with LIBERAL IDEOLOGIES that goes against our MORAL STANDARDS and Traditional VALUES as a nation. The church MUST ARISE in this hour to reclaim our Schools and our Children by seeking to RESTORE BIBLICAL BASED VALUES in our EDUCATIONAL Systems ONCE AGAIN.    


Honesty, Integrity and Ethics will be the Rule and Standard that Governs our Media

Our TV NEWS STATIONS, NEWSPAERS, BLOGS, RADIO, YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM and TIK TOK are the influencing MEDIA outlet of our time. Their influence has shaped the CHOICES and OUTCOMES in our culture. Our Media INFLUENCES shapes POPULAR OPINION and steers a nation in a DESIRED DIRECTION and OUTCOMES. This is quite so in Government Elections and its ENDORSEMENTS of Political Parties and the CENSORING of Credible CONSERVATIVE and CHRISTIAN VOICES that doesn't agree with LIBERAL IDEOLOGIES that's not in alignment with their endorsements. The church MUST arise in THIS ARENA to bring HONEST, INTEGRAL, ETHICAL, FAIR and UNBIASED reporting to the Masses and the Nations. 


We are One Nation Under God and We shall Remain the Nation of our God in Truth, Establishing Righteousness for Generations to come

The Mayflower Compact Written in 1620 began with "IN THE NAME OF GOD" and continues with "Having undertaken for the GLORY of GOD and the ADVANCEMENT of the CHRISTIAN FAITH." The forefathers of this nation SOLIDLY bound themselves in COVENANT with ALMIGHTY GOD concerning THIS NATION to establish a CIVIL BODY aim to ENACT, CONSTITUTE, FRAME, just and EQUAL LAWS, ORDINANCES, ACTS, CONSTITUTION and OFFICES. America has strayed from her COVENANT of CHRISTIAN FAITH to embracing OCCULTIC PRACTICES and PAGAN worship.  The Church MUST ARISE in this hour to BREAK DOWN the HIGH PLACES of RELIGION in this nation and RESTORE the ALTARS of the LORD that moves THE NATION to REPENTANCE to be back in right STANDING WITH GOD.


We are a Government whose God is the Lord and We Stand in the Righteousness of our God, therefore our Nation Shall be Exalted above all else.

The POLITICAL ARENA and LANDSCAPE of our Government has increasingly threaten the CIVIL LIBERTIES and RIGHTS of it's CITIZENS. From CONGRESS to the JUDICIAL System and from the seats of governance in our CITIES, STATES and NATION, we have witnessed a STEADY EROSION of the MORAL fabric of our Society. The Old Testament shows us that when a Nation STRAYS from the LAWS and PRINCIPLES of GOD He then intervenes in the AFFAIRS of men and GOVERNMENT sending HIS PROPHETS to call a NATION back to HIMSELF through REPENTANCE. In Likewise, God is sending HIS PROPHETS into the MARKETPLACE and ALIGNING them with the KINGS of the earth to RULE and GOVERN with a SCEPTER of RIGHTEOUSNESS over Nations.   

The Warrior’s Pledge Of Allegiance


I pledge allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ

The Father the Son and the Holy Ghost

I pledge Allegiance to the Army of the Living God

Whose Commander in Chief is the Lord Jesus Christ

I pledge to give my life to the cause of Jesus Christ

And to the spreading of the Gospel of the

Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Light

As a sioldier in the Lords Army 

I pledge to contend for the purity of the faith, 

wrestle against the forces and powers of darkness, 

fully dressed in the Whole Amor of God, 

knowing that I am more than a conquerer 

through Jesus Christ 

Who ever causes us toTriumph 

In HIM and Through HIM

In Jesus Name ....AMEN  

Ann  Elliott is the Founder of The Gideon Company 300 and has responded to the call to intercede for the Body of Christ and it's 5-Fold Ministry Leadership. As a Governmental Prophetic Intercessor she has been given the mandate to rally intercessors nationally and globally to assemble for Intercession, Guarding the Gates of the church in uncertain times. Ann carries an Apostolic Mantle as a Prophetic Intercessor and has taught, mentor and trained others in High Level Spiritual Warfare. It is her belief that Intercessors are the "Homeland Security" of not only the Church but also the Nation and that the Walls of Intercession must be rebuild with the clarion call reminder "That he who wins the battle of the gates seizes the CIty" and that while the enemy encroaches at the gates of the church, Jesus Declared that the gates of hell shall not prevail and it is with THIS DECLARATION...........WE STAND TO FIGHT!!..   

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